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An Invitation to cooperate with God

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ISBN: 9788363916961

binding: paperback
pages: 198

The book An Invitation to Cooperate with God addresses subjects related to the sources, areas, and means of man’s cooperation with his Creator and Redeemer. It gives particular attention to the participation of the baptized in the royal, prophetic, and sacerdotal mission of Christ, the charisms, which delineate the fields of cooperation with God, obstacles to this cooperation, and its basic directions among lay people, priests, and consecrated men and women. To be a coworker of God Himself – that is the unusual dignity which man is endowed with in the sacrament of baptism. In the sacrament of confirmation, this role is strengthened and man is more fully enabled to experience it. Awareness of this dignity makes a person’s life more beautiful and allows them to experience even very painful experiences with hope, as everything viewed in this perspective – cooperation with the Divine Mercy – gains meaning, purpose, and new value.

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