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In the Rays of Mercy. Meditations.

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Title of the original: W promieniach miłosierdzia

Autor: Fr. Stanislaw Witkowski MS

Translated by Fr. Adam Sowa MS

ISBN: 978-83-8815-329-5

Binding: hard cover

Pages: 144


Divine Mercy is like a breath of fresh air blowing into a closed room. Wherever it blows it always brings hope for a new day.

The aim of this volume of meditations is to bring Divine Mercy which is the love of God freely given, into our lives. The meditations are based on Sacred Scripture and on the diary of Saint Sister Faustina. They reveal the depths and varied aspects of God's love.

The quotations from scripture are printed in bold letters while those taken from the diary are in italics. After each meditation there are additional quotations, which enhance the given themes and add a new dimension.

I sincerely hope that the questions after each chapter will enable us to ponder deeply the boundless mercy of God, at which, as Saint Sister Faustina writes "the heavens are astounded".

The simplicity of style in which the meditations are written aims at making them accessible to readers, thus enabling them to confidently embrace the devotion of Divine Mercy, and by doing so giving our Creator the greatest glory.

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