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Loving yourself in the depths of your heart

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Autor: Tadeusz Kotlewski SJ

ISBN 978-83-63916-78-7

Binding: paperback
Pages: 196



LOVING YOURSELF in the Depths of Your Heart.

In order to truly love ourselves, we must enter our most intimate hearts, we need to find ourselves within us so that we may discover the Source of Love there. This Fountain is so often hidden by the troubled and painful events that take place in our lives. We can discover real Love, God Himself, only by entering our hearts. We will be able to love ourselves with this great Love and discover our dignity, and we will be able to love others—to care and feel responsible for them. This Love lets us give due reverence to God, whom we serve and whom we yearn to love with all our hearts. This is the path of the heart!

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