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My life with God

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My life with God

The Spirituality of Saint Faustina

Binding: paperback
Pages: 106


The spirituality of Sister Faustina is very healthy, because, on the one hand, it guards against religionism (that is, against practicing the Christian life only in prayer), since it calls for performing deeds of mercy; and, on the other hand, it prevents practical horizontalism (which would reduce religiousness to performing charitable works), since her spirituality requires a living contact with God. In the school of Sister Faustina, we can thus acquire a solid knowledge of the most difficult subject; namely, the art of living in the spirit of childlike trust toward God and mercy toward neighbor. At the heart of this spirituality lies the knowledge and contemplation of the mystery of Divine Mercy in everyday life; its nourishment and strength is love of the Eucharist, its certitude – obedience to the Church, and its consolidation and model – devotion to Our Lady of Mercy.

Table of contents:

The Concept of Spirituality
The Knowledge of the Mystery of Divine Mercy and Its Contemplation in Everyday Life
The Attitude of Trust and Mercy
Love for the Church and the Charism of Shedding Light on the Mystery of Divine Mercy
Love for the Eucharist
Devotion to Our Lady

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