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The rosary rescue for the world - fr.D.Chmielewski

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ISBN: 9788366020115

Pages: 41

Binding: Paperback

The Rosary is a special way of filling oneself with Holy Spirit, who descends on you with the power by the intercession of Blessed Mary. She comes to you in the Rosary and may experience the mysteries of the Son of God with Her eyes and heart. You may immerse yourself in a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and with all your life praise the Father for the gift and mystery of the salvation in Jesus Christ and for the immersion of your life into the life and mystery of Jesus and all thanks to Mary, Full og Grace. Because She is Kecharitomene, i.e. full of grace. If you mediate throught Her, if you stay with Her in every moment of your life, you will be immersed in every grace that God used to from His beloved Mary, Kecharitomene. The Rosary is a mighty tool to ignite the Holy Spirit in you, the most beautiful contemplation of Jesus with eyes and heart of the Immaculate Mother og God and Church, a worship of Father by accepting every grace in person of the Full of Grace, in Her incredible, triple identity of Kecharitomene - Mother, Daughter and Spouse of God. Every "Hail Mary" is kiss offered to God by means of Mary. It is like taking Her by the hand and asking Her to tell you with Her heart about every mystery of like of Her beloved son, Jesus. With Mary and like Mary in Holy Spirit by Jesus to the Father. This is the secret of the Rosary. Secret of a prayer for the end of times. Secred of full victory over the power of darkness in your life.

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